A District Court judge ruled Monday that a 16-year-old boy, charged with sexually abusing a4-year-old boy, will be waived back to Juvenile Court, and the teen will likely be sent to the IowaState Training School for Boys in Eldora.

Skylar Simon Fisher, 16, of Cedar Rapids, was charged in January with second-degree sexual abusein Linn County District Court. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old child, and theact was observed by a witness, the criminal complaint shows.

Assistant Linn County Attorney Jason Besler initially argued against waiving the case back toJuvenile Court because Fisher will turn 17 in October, and since he could only stay at the trainingschool until age 18, there wouldn?t be enough time for rehabilitation. However, Besler said he waswithdrawing his resistance to the waiver because Fisher now admits to the sexual abuse, so servicesand treatment can immediately start once he is transferred in Juvenile Court.

During the hearing, Besler said that if Fisher changed his mind and doesn?t admit to the offenseduring the juvenile delinquency proceeding, then the state will ask the court to transfer the caseback to adult court.

After the hearing, Besler added that he also agreed to the waiver after learning of Fisher?sbackground and mental health challenges.

6th Judicial District Chief Judge Patrick Grady said waiving the case to Juvenile Court wouldprovide Fisher with the services he needs to rehabilitate.

A Juvenile Court date for a delinquency proceeding hasn't yet been set.