2 ARRESTED IN KIDNAP (Girl gone 2 months)  

New York Post/Lukas I. Alpert

Authorities in Portugal are searching for 3 year old Madeleine McCann, a British girl kidnappedfrom the apartment villa in the southern Algarve region where her family was staying on May 3. Thegirl was taken from the bedroom where she was sleeping Thursday night while her parents dinednearby with friends.

Spanish police yesterday arrested an Italian man and a Portuguese woman in the disappearance.Word of the arrests comes amid reports that Portuguese police had been pursuing a tip thatMadeleine had been abducted by a convicted sex offender known as the Frenchman. The identities ofthe man and the woman were not immediately made public. It is believed he intended to sell the girlto an international pedophile ring.

(Lisbon, Portugal)