3 IN KIDNAP BUST (Greedy teens left girl in trunk: cops)

New York Post/Heidi Singer and Rita Delfiner

A search was on the night of April 24 for three masked kidnappers who brazenly abducted 13 yearold Mara Downes, a Catholic schoolgirl, in front of her Rockalnd County house, then abandoned herunscathed in the trunk of a stolen car. Cops were looking for two men and a woman involved in thekidnapping. The girl was thrown into the trunk of a Toyota Camry. An Amber Alert was sent out ascops searched the area for 2 1/2 hours before finding the Camry abandoned on Homer Lee Avenue,about a mile from the victim's home with the girl still in it.

Arraigned on kidnapping charges were Donald Siler, 19, who is on parole for robbery, his 14 yearold brother, Jamahl, and their cousin Chantia Marshall, 18, all of Spring Valley. Donald Siler andMarshall pleaded not guilty. Jamahl, who will be tried as an adult, was too young to enter aplea.

The three teens were accused of forcing the screaming girl into the trunk in a kidnap-for-ransomscheme - telling her they'd be back the next day to feed her. The threesome - two brothers andtheir female cousin - abandoned the car with the girl still locked in it.

(New York)