January 23, 2021

ENGLEWOOD — Four adults were arrested and indicted for sex crimes involving minors Friday.
The various crimes date back to February 2019, according to the Englewood police department. Investigators executed a search warrant on a home in April 2019, and the investigation has been on-going since then.
Samuel Andrew Quinn, 20, of Englewood, was indicted on ten counts of buying and possessing obscene material involving a minor and four counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Both are level four felonies.

James Henry Quinn, 41, and Holly Marie Winters 42, both of Englewood, were indicted on one count of creating sex-oriented material involving a minor, a level 2 felony.
Michael Andrew Carpentor, 21, of Englewood, was also indicted on one count of creating sex-oriented material involving minor.
Samuel Quinn is the son of James Quinn, but his case his unrelated, according to the prosecutor’s office.
Samuel Quinn is accused of sexually assuming a minor and photographing and videotaping it. That minor is now 16 years old, the prosecutor’s office stated.
Holly Winters and James Quinn are accused of videoing a sexual assault of a minor. That minor is now 16 years old.

All four suspects have been taken into custody and are in the Montgomery County Jail.


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