February 26, 2020
Kyle Odegard
Democrat Herald

An Albany woman was accused of multiple sex crimes in Linn County Circuit Court on Wednesday afternoon.
Tina Gaylene Ketcham, 40, was charged with first-degree sodomy, first-degree sex abuse, two counts of first-degree rape, and three other sex crimes.
“This is a situation where hundreds of charges could have been brought,” said prosecutor Keith Stein. He added that each charge represented a separate and distinct event, and asked for $350,000 security in the case.
Defense attorney Steve Doyle of Portland asked for security of $50,000, the minimum required by law for such serious crimes. Ketcham has no criminal history, is not a flight risk as she is part-owner in a local business, and release would allow her to continue counseling and therapy, Doyle said.
Judge Thomas McHill set Ketcham’s bail at $350,000 saying that despite factors in her favor, he had to weigh the public’s safety and the safety of the victim in the case.
Doyle, who appeared with Ketcham via teleconference from the Linn County Jail, responded that he would be filing a release motion.
An underage male was the accuser in the case, and the crimes allegedly occurred between 2015 and Jan. 31.
The Albany Police Department began its investigation into the matter in mid-February.

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