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January 11, 2019



ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- An Albuquerque attorney is under investigation by the New Mexico Attorney General's Office for allegedly having child pornography hidden on his laptop. Matthew J. O'Neill is an attorney and partner at the Whitener Law Firm. He's been featured in commercials with a popular MMA fighter and has filed more than 120 cases in the past three years. The 16-page search warrant, filed Thursday, states that the Whitener Law Firm’s IT company was alerted to a virus on O’Neill’s work computer. The warrant states the computer specialist was trying to investigate the virus further from her computer. She claims she saw child pornography when she remotely accessed his screen.


The computer specialist said the images showed "children in underwear and lingerie" who were "posed in sexually provocative" positions. She also said that she found files on his work computer that were labeled "girl scout," "slumber party sluts" and "skirt ladyboy." The special law enforcement agent then found additional child pornography photos that he believes were stored on O’Neill’s computer. They were described as "two pre-pubescent, naked girls." The images showed children as young as 4 years old in a sex act.


Law enforcement seized nine items including computers, thumb drives, hard drives, and a camera.

The Whitener Law Firm released a statement that said O’Neill was immediately placed on administrative leave.

The statement also said, “We were not aware of the material on the computer until it was flagged.  We have notified and cooperated fully with the authorities and intend to continue to do so."

KOB reached out to O’Neill but he did not respond. A neighbor said he is married, a father of two young boys and is active with their Boy Scout troop.  As of Thursday night, he had not been charged.