December 19, 2019
Louis Casiano
Fox News

Adrien Broner, the four-time world boxing champion whose recent legal troubles have overshadowed his ring exploits, was ordered Tuesday to pay $830,000 to a woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her at a Cleveland nightclub.

The judgment was awarded after Broner, who goes by "The Problem," failed to defend himself in the lawsuit.

The woman accused him of kissing her against her will in 2018 as she tried to free herself. The lawsuit said the two didn't know each other and that one of Broner's friends pulled him off the woman after someone took a photo of the assault.

“It doesn't matter who he thinks he is," said the woman's attorney, Ashlie Case Sletvold. “It's not an appropriate way to behave."
Broner, 30, was originally charged with sexual imposition in Cuyahoga County and pleaded guilty in April to misdemeanor charges of assault and unlawful restraint; he was sentenced to probation.
His lawyers were given permission last month to withdraw from the case, leaving Broner with no legal representation. He subsequently failed to appear for a deposition or to respond to discovery requests, Sletvold said.
Sletvold said his client underwent a year of intensive therapy for post-traumatic stress syndrome following the incident. Broner has made headlines in recent years for his troubles outside the ring more so than for his fighting abilities.
Charges of felony assault and aggravated robbery against him were dropped in 2016 after an alleged robbery victim failed to show up to court. Broner had been accused of robbing the man of $12,000 and assaulting him outside a Cincinnati bowling alley.
He most recently lost a one-sided title fight to Manny Pacquiao in January. The brash fighter was a rising star in the sport until a loss in 2013 to former Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana.

He has a professional record of 33-4-1 with 24 knockouts.

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