Daily News/Chrisena Coleman and Owen Moritz

Luis Acosta, also known as Jose Santiago, is a 36 year old suspected serial rapist from Brooklynwith a penchant for schoolgirls, and has been charged with four additional attacks in Queens. Theadditional charges came after a grand jury indicted him on charges he raped six women in The Bronx.Prosecutors say in 1999 he talked his way into the Jackson Heights home of a 9 year old girl byposing as a plumber. That December, he allegedly forced his way into a Richmond Hill home and rapeda 12 year old girl. The following September, he allegedly used the plumber alias to push his wayinto the home of an 11 year old Astoria girl. In January 2001, he allegedly sexually abused a womanin her Astoria apartment courtyard.

Acosta was convicted in nine Bronx attacks. He was found guilty of 14 counts of rape, fivecounts os sodomy and one count of escape. Acosta heard Supreme Court Justice Dominick Massarodenounce him as a predator and a beast who watched, waited and attacked 14 women. You must becaged. He was sentenced to 232 years in prison on September 14.

(New York)