New York Post/Todd Venezia

Bernard Lee Kingsley, a 58 year old registered sex offender, was arrested for having sex witha 16 year old girl inside his basement apartment at 442 Linwood Street, a building that he owns inCyress Hills. Kingsley regularly entertained teens in his apartment. In 1994 he was arrested forstatutory rape for having sex with a 15 and 17 year old girl. He pleaded guilty and received fiveyears' probation. He is listed as a Level 3 sex offender, the most serious category.

A Brooklyn judge gave the high-level repeat sex offender the maximum yesterday for the rape ofthe 16 year old girl, then wondered if the sex fiend would be back to his old tricks as soon as hegets out of prison. State Supreme Court Justice James P. Sullivan said, There's really no groundsthe court can see to do anything less than the maximum. Sullivan gave a two to four year prisonsentence to Kingsley. He said, But one is concerned that on release, he would commit theseoffenses again. Sullivan denied a defense request for a 1 1/2 to 3 year sentence, saying thatKingsley had already gotten a chance to reform after he was given 5 years probation in 1995 for thecharges involving the sex acts with the two young girls aged 15 and 17.

(New York)