CAN WE KEEP KIDS SAFE? (With Mastic area reeling from attacks and ‘bursting’ with offenders, residents try to form battle plan)

Newsday/Laura Rivera

Long-standing concerns about the number of sex offenders in the Mastic area surfaced amongparents, civic leaders and school officials yesterday, one day after a William Floyd High Schoolstudent was sexually assaulted less than three blocks from school. The attack, the second in oneweek, prompted fresh worries and a more urgent dialogue from some community members about how toensure the safety of children beyond school bounds in a district where dozens of registered sexoffenders reside. At least 85 registered sex offenders live in the district, which comprisesMastic, Mastic Beach, Moriches and Shirley according to a partial registry available


- Find an easy way to school or the bus stop.

- Use intersections with crossing guards.

- Always walk with someone else.

- Don't take shortcuts.

- Stay away from parks and vacant lots.

- Don't talk to strangers.

- Don't go anywhere with strangers.

- Don't take anything from strangers.

- Know your phone number and address.

Sources: National Crime Prevention Council, National Center for Missing and ExploitedChildren

(New York)