December 23, 2020
Caroline Cluiss

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Since April, the Carter County Sheriff’s Office has arrested eight men on charges related to child sexual abuse- including both acts of abuse and possession of child pornography.
Sheriff Chris Bryant said that’s twice as many offenders usually caught in a year.
Bryant said he’s not sure why there’s been a rise in cases, but he’s proud of his department for catching them.
“We will find them and we will arrest them and hold them to the fullest extent of the law,” Bryant said. “These are some sick individuals and obviously they need help.”
46-year-old Jeffrey Scott McLean bailed out of jail and is now on the run.
McLean was arrested in April after he pawned iPads at a local pawnshop. The iPads contained over a hundred images of child sexual abuse on each device.
Dale Kroth was arrested in June after a family member accused him of lewd acts with a child.
Bryant said Kroth confessed to the acts.
“Kroth had made a statement, a comment basically saying he kept it in the family so they nobody would tell,” Bryant said.
Daniel Ulmet was arrested in August for kidnapping a child from Marshall County and possessing child pornography in Carter and Cleveland counties.
Bryant said Ulmet also has a child victim in Ohio.
Michael Alford was arrested in November for having an inappropriate relationship with a 12 year old girl. Later child porn was found on his computer.
Kyle Savala was arrested two weeks ago after a video of a child being sexually abused while someone else watched was found on his Dropbox account.
Around the same time, Joseph Hamer was arrested for lewd acts with a minor and possession of child porn after several cyber tips were sent from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
“It’s an IP address hit,” Bryant said. “That’s mainly what happens when they download child porn off of a website.”
Bryant said the Coal County Sheriff’s Office is working that case too.
Marcus Hain was arrested last week for rape after meeting up at night with a 14 year old girl.
Tuesday, Brandon Sullivan was arrested for rape and child stealing after having a relationship with a 14 year old girl.
Deputies found the girl at Sullivan’s home.
Bryant said the takeaway from the large volume of cases this year is that parents need to be aware of what’s on their kid’s phone.
“Check them,” Bryant said. “Go through them. Be vigilant about going through their phones and seeing who they’re snapchatting. Look for hidden Snapchat accounts or anything like that.”
Bryant said if you see something or have any information about the missing man, Jeffrey McLean, or about any other sexual predator, tell local law enforcement.

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