Terapon Adhahn is now serving a life sentence for the July 4 abduction and murder of 12 yearold Zina Linnik.  I wanted to destroy a human, cause pain, Adhahn told two FBI agents in2008, a year after the Tacoma girl's murder.  A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed byZina's family, alleging that Pierce County and the state had failed to monitor Adhahn, a registeredsex offender, and that the Tacoma Police Department had failed to quickly issue an Amber Alert,which had been delayed because a police officer fell asleep. 
Nearly seven years before killing Zina, Adhahn abducted and raped Sabrina Rasmussen. Rasmussen survived.  He also repeatedly raped another girl who lived with him until she ranaway in 2005. 
In 1990, Adhahn was convicted of rape and incest against his half-sister when she was16.  Following the conviction, he served two months in jail and attended court order treatmentfor five years.  He was classified as level one (low risk) sex offender and required toregister as a sex offender. 
In 1992, he was convicted of intimidation with a weapon in Tacoma. 
Following the discovery of Zina's body, Adhahn's name and profile was submitted to theArlington police department in connection with the 1996 abduction and slaying of AmberHagerman.  His mother and brother lived near the Fort Worth area at the time of Amber's deaththough no direct evidence has been found that places him in the area during this time.