Fox5news/John Deutzman

Edwin Rodriguez, a convicted child molester, was discovered by Fox 5 running a karate schoolin Glendale, Queens and have close contact with young children every day even though there havebeen plenty of tough laws passed to protect kids from child molesters.  Fox 5 received ananonymous tip that a registered sex offender was the owner of a place called Gem Shotokan Karate onMyrtle Avenue.  Fox 5 used a hidden camera and established that Rodriguez not only wasteaching young children but that he seemed extremely friendly and likeable to both kids andadults.  Nine years ago Rodriguez was convicted of sexually abusing an 11 year old girl. The details of the criminal complaint against him are: defendant did attempt to kiss informant (thegirl) on the lips and attempted to stick his tongue into informant's mouth while informant pusheddefendant away; defendant began touching informant's breasts and vaginal area over her clothingwhile informant pushed defendant away; and defendant then placed his hand under informant'sclothing and forcibly inserted his finger into informant's vagina while informant pushed defendantaway.  Laura Ahearn, Executive Director of Parents for Megan's Law says, Rodriguez forcedhimself on an 11 year old female and inserted his finger in her private area, this is a dangerousindividual that no parent wants to have around their children.  Ahearn's group is now in theprocess of notifying and offering counseling to parents who go to this karate school. 
(Queens, New York)