CHILD STALKER STRIKES AGAIN (5th bid to grab girl)

Cops are hunting for at least two kiddie-sex fiends posing as a police officer or offering gifts to lure children into their cars.  The first driver has sidled up to three girls in Brooklyn and possible another child in Queens in the past 2 1/2 weeks, groping one.  He is described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old.  He first struck on April 11 in Borough Park.  He pointed to a police patch on his arm and tried to lure an 11 year old girl into what was described as a dark colored Jeep at 45th Street and 11th Avenue.  He struck again April 21 on 15th Avenue and 48th Street, when he approached a 10 year old girl and asked her for directions, but the girl refused and took off.  He attacked another 10 year old girl just 45 minutes later on the same block.  When she got into the vehicle, he exposed himself while driving, and groped the victim's legs and chest before she was able to flee.

Police are also seeking the public's help in finding another man who tried to lure an 11 year old Queens girl into his car with promises of gifts.  He approached the girl at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike on Monday on her way to meet her mother.  He is described as black, about 30 year old with crooked yellow teeth and wearing a yellow T-shirt and sunglasses.  He had long, black, braided hair and a beard with a scar from his left eye to his cheek.  He drove being the girl in a brown SUV, which had a pink Support Our Troops sticker on the rear.  The girl fled from the man after he told the girl, in a thick Caribbean accent, Your mother told me to pick you up.

Fear has descended over Borough Park as of May 4 after yet another attempt by the sicko to abduct a young girl from the street, the fifth such indicent in the past three weeks and fourth in the neighborhood.  Driving a white Jeep Cherokee, the man, described as white, balding and in his 30s, pulled up alongside a 17 year old girl on her way to school at 44th Street and 12th Avenue in Brooklyn.  He waved a fake police badge and motioned for her to get into his car.  The girl ignored him and walked away.

(New York)