Newsday/Reid J. Epstein

Reaction to Rep. Peter King's Web video lambasting Michael Jackson and media coverage of hisdeath was sharp yesterday, with many commentators seeing his comments through the prism ofrace.  King called Jackson a pervert and a pedophile.  Laura Ahearn , the executivedirector of parents for Megan's Law, said the link between Jackson and alleged child sexual abusewas too strong to ignore.  It is refreshing to see an elected official say what is really ontheir mind, Ahearn said.  Numerous allegations of child sexual abuse are Michael Jackson'strue legacy, one that cash settlements cannot erase.  Because of the media coverage ofJackson's death, King said he felt an obligation to speak out.  I believe I'm articulatingthe views of a great majority of the American people, certainly the people around here, he said.
(New York)