CONVICT: VICTIMS KEEP IN TOUCH (Man blamed in HIV spread says some women stay in contact)

Nushawn Williams, blamed for knowingly infecting at least 13 women with HIV, told a parole board last week he keeps in contact with some of the women who health officials believe he exposed to the AIDS virus.  He told them that he was not in contact with the then 13 and 15 year old girls with whom he acknowledged having sex.  He has been serving a 4 to 12 year sentence since 1997 for among other charges, second degree rape of the 13 year old.  He insists he was not informed he was HIV-positive in 1996 and warned about spreading the disease through unprotected sex.  He said he pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment charges, which involved risking the spread of HIV to others, only because prosecutors left him no choice.  His first attempt at parole was denied but he will get another parole hearing in two years.

(Albany, New York)