CONVICTED MOLESTER STRIKES AGAIN (Former New Richmond Man Arrested In Pittsburgh)

Robert Raynovich, a 43 year old man once convicted of molesting children in New Richmond andColumbus, is facing similar charges in Pittsburgh. He was arrested last weekend on charges of rapeand corruption of minors. As many as 14 children, some as young as 6 year old, are involved,according to Allegheny County police. He served four years after a 1991 conviction for sexuallyassaulting a 7 year old girl. He moved to Columbus after his release in 1995 and was almostimmediately convicted of corruption of minors. Allegheny County police investigator Thomas Sturgeonsaid, This is one of those cases where it's one of the most grievous crimes anyone in this worldcan commit. We have a range of ages in this case where this person has committed a sexualintercourse with a child as young as 6 years of age up until 13. Probably before this case is over,we anticipate well over a hundred charges against this person for sexual crimes.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)