John D. Babcock, a 60 year old level 3 convicted sex offender who used his position as aGirl Scout leader to sexually assault young girls, now is living in Benton County.  He wasreleased Tuesday as an untreated transient sex offender and does not have a permanentaddress.    Babcock, who is required to check in weekly at the sheriff's office,also identifies himself as a transgender and uses the name Sarah Babcock.  Babcock wasarrested in 1992 in King County after being accused of luring his victims into truth or dare,\strip poker and other games culminating in nudity and sexual acts.  He also was accused ofhaving two of his Scouts fondle him while on a field trip to his key shop.  He was convictedin 1997 of 13 counts of indecent liberties, two counts of attempted indecent liberties and onecount of first degree statutory rape.  The offenses were connected to seven victims, six younggirls and once young boy, and occurred from 1986-88.  He was sentenced to 28 years in prisonbut was released after serving about 20 years.