COPS HUNT FOR ATLANTA CHILD RAPIST (Attacks on Three Girls Linked to Unknown Suspect) Ann Burns

A man broke into apartments at the Harris Homes public housing complex, raping two girls. Police are asking residents to secure their windows at night and make sure children do not sleepalone.  He grabbed an 8 year old girl in one attack after climbing a porch to reach the secondstory of a building and removing a window fan to enter the apartment.  He abandoned her andshe returned home shortly before 3:20 a.m.  In another attack, a man climbed through anunlocked window about 3 a.m. and raped a 12 year old girl after threatening her with a razor. He is described as a black man in his 40s, average build about 6 feet tall and weighing 150 to 170pounds.

The most recent attack took place last month.  A 13 year old girl on her way to school wasforced into an abandoned house at gunpoint.  During this assault, he was wearing a blackjacket and jeans and dirty Reebok athletic shoes.

(Atlanta, Georgia)