Maxell Bogel, 36, is a Jamaican drug-gang member accused of kidnapping and raping the children of gang debtors.  He is now on the US Marshals Service's Top 15 Most Wanted list.  He has been convicted in absentia for a gruesome list of crimes.  Bogel would collect debts for the notorious Shower Posse gang and pressure debtors by kidnapping and raping their family members, he went as far as raping and sodomizing a 12 year old.  The Shower Posse is known for showering their enemies with bullets, and they have been accused of killing at least 1,400 people during the drug wars of the 1980s.  Vivian Blake, 44, is the reputed leader of the Shower Posse.  Blake pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in February in Miami and to two counts of cocaine possession with intent to distribute in Virginia.  A Bronx court issued a bench warrant for Bogel's arrest in November 1998, he has been on the run ever since.  He has been convicted in absentia for assault with a weapon, rape, kidnapping, sodomy, and attempted murder and sentenced to 68 years to life by the same court.  He is one of New York City Police Departments most wanted fugitives.  He is considered armed and extrememly dangerous.  If anyone has information about him please call the US Marshals Service toll-free at (877)WANTED-2 or the New York-New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force at (888)694-6382.