A counselor at the Pleasantville Cottage School, a school for troubled teens, was attacked by girls who set her face on fire and poured bleach on her burns, put barrettes in her hair and told her she would look good in a coffin.  Eight suspects, including one still at large, were indicted on charges of attempted murder, assault and gang assault.  All were charged as adults and will be tried in adult court, although the six who are under 16 will face lesser penalties if convicted.  

In another incident, William Henderson, a 30 year old former crisis counselor at the school, was indicted for allegedly raping a 14 year old student as he drove her to the campus in September 2000.  The alleged rape occurred after he took the girl to a hospital for treatment of a bee sting.  He has been charged with third-degree rape for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.  

The charge adds another stain to the school's reputation, which was muddied this month with the assault on the female counselor, a sex charge against four boys and the theft of a campus car by two boys.