Edgar Munera, 42, was serving a life sentence in Florida for breaking into a Miami apartment and sexually assaulting a victim less than 12 years old on October 28, 2000 when his DNA was tested after he was sentenced in on January 22, 2003, and he was extradited to New York later that year for sexually assaulting a 10 year old Queens girl and her 17 year old sister on July 29, 1997.  Eight years ago, the Queens teen woke up to find her 10 year old sister being sexually assaulted by a burglar in a ski mask.  She distracted him to save her sister.  A pair of scissors at her throat, the girl cried and held her baby sister's hand as she was raped.  The attacker fled, leaving the girls and their family scarred for life.  Six years later, the convicted sex offender was charged when his DNA matched genetic material found at the scene.  

(New York)