February 3, 2020
Erica Finke

FULTON COUNTY — A Rochester city councilman faces multiple charges after being accused of sex crimes involving a minor.
41-year-old Gary Clevenger Jr. is charged with child solicitation, sexual misconduct with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. These allegedly involve a teenager.
Court documents say that teen is between 14 and 16 years old.
We went to Rochester to see what people in town thought about it or if they even knew. A lot were surprised or had no idea.
But the more they found out, the more upset they were about the situation.
"I think he should be removed from office, obviously,” said Freddie Brissette, who lives in Rochester.
That seems to be the consensus among Rochester residents we spoke to tonight after learning one of their city council members was charged with sex crimes.
According to court documents, the teenager involved in the case told police they had been helping Clevenger with odd jobs in the summer of 2019.
When the teen tested positive for THC, court documents say the teen admitted they got the drug from Clevenger as payment for work.
Court documents also say the teen was propositioned for sex acts and massages.
Kandi Sites grew up in Rochester and knew Clevenger growing up. She says this has been a shock to her.
"I went to school with him, so I knew him,” said Sites. “I was shocked because in school he was a very well-mannered, very upstanding kind of guy and like, holy cow."
Sites says this makes it even harder to have trust in elected officials.
"People knew him,” said Sites. “They viewed him as a good guy but now it', you gotta question anyone you run into anymore; you can't really trust anyone anymore."
Amber See is a mom who says it makes her concerned for her own kids.
"It's disgusting the world we live in nowadays,” said See. “It's very sad. I have five kids of my own and it makes me worry."
We reached out to Rochester City Council members and those who answered declined to comment.
Clevenger is currently at Fulton County Jail. His court date has yet to be determined.

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