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Matt Johnstone, a 34 year old longtime East Islip High School coach and teacher hasresigned, just days after he surrendered his teaching certificate to the state Department ofEducation and permanently waived his right to ever apply for any new state teaching oradministrative certificates.  He offered his resignation effective Oct. 8 and surrendered histeaching certificate on Oct. 4. Johnstone had been the high school's assistant varsity footballcoach, varsity girls basketball coach and physical education teacher.  He had been working forthe district since 1999 but in October 2008 was reassigned to
administrative duties that did not involve working with or having contact with any studentin the district, said district Superintendent Wendell Chu. The move, Chu said, was pending theoutcome of an investigation by the state Department of Education.  While neither schooldistrict officials nor the state would comment on the nature of the investigation, Johnstone andEast Islip are being sued by one of his former players who alleges he engaged in a sexualrelationship with her while she was a student at the high school. In October 2008, Paula Primm, 49,of Islip Terrace, said she told school officials for the
second time that Johnstone had engaged in a sexual relationship with her daughter, RachelPrimm, now 21. Paula Primm said she first notified the school in February 2008. The districtdeclined to comment on that.  Rachel graduated in 2007.  Last March, Rachel Primm filedthe lawsuit, which stated that Johnstone repeatedly made improper contact, sexual andinappropriate advances, engaged in inappropriate, offensive touching . . . and/or committed an actof child abuse against her. The lawsuit also claims that Johnstone had previous sexualrelationships with and/or engaged in criminal and/or improper sexual conduct . . .with East Isliphigh school female students.  The lawsuit, which seeks $40 million, states that Rachel Primmwas coerced by the defendant, Matt Johnstone, and as a result of such coercion, was physically andmentally unable to decline such improper and inappropriate sexual advances . . . and that shesustained severe and serious mental anguish, embarrassment, public scorn and ridicule, emotionaldistress, anxiety, nervousness, pain and was compelled to seek treatment.
(New York)