EX-CONVICT HELD IN BOY’S ABDUCTION (Naked 13 Year Old Escaped Through Hotel Room Window)

Darryl Arnett Floyd, a 41 year old convicted felon who was out of jail for just two weeks is now charged with kidnapping and attempted rape in the abduction of a boy at a school bus stop this week.  He was being held without bail while authorities searched for his alleged accomplice, Lewis J. Cason, a 22-year-old ex-convict.  Police said the two men snatched the boy near his downtown home and drove him to a motel room, rented in the name of one of their friends.  They gave the boy booze in an apparent prelude to a sexual assault.  The two men undressed the boy and Floyd also took off his own clothes.  The boy was able to lock himself in the bathroom after taking advantage of a momentary distraction and escaped through an open window.  Nakeshia Browning, 22, told police she spotted the boy as she was driving her daughter and teenage cousin to school and immediately stopped.  The boy was frightened and naked with only a cardboard box that he found covering him, he walked seven downtown blocks before anyone stopped to help him.  Both men have lengthy criminal histories, according to authorities.  Cason has been convicted of grand theft and other offenses and Floyd has served time for grand theft, domestic battery and possession of crack cocaine.  Floyd was charged with false imprisonment last year after he allegedly tried to force two adults into his care using a screwdriver as a weapon.  Those charges were later dismissed for lack of evidence.  He was arrested a few months later and pleaded guilty to narcotics charges.  He was sentenced to three years in prison, but on October 4, a judge cut that sentence in half and he was released on time served.

(Gainesville, Florida)