Daily News/Scott Shifrell

Khemwatie Anita Bedessie, a 38 year old teacher's aide, repeatedly raped one of her charges, a4 year old boy, inside a Queens day care center. Bedessie had sex with boy at least three times atVeda's Learning World in South Richmond Hill, between January 1, 2006 and the first week ofFebruary 2006. The abuse stopped when the child developed a rash and tried to describe to hismother what had happened to him. He told his mother that Bedessie had taken him into the bathroomon several occasions, pulled down his pants, and forced him to have sex with her. She abused theboy early in the day between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., before the other teachers arrived at work. Bedessieis charged with one count of first degree rape, six counts of first degree sexual abuse, and onecount of endangering the welfare of a child. Bedessie indicated in a videotaped confession that shecouldn't help herself. She knew what she was doing but she couldn't help herself, prosecutorDianna Megias told Criminal Court Judge Mary O'Donoghue, summarizing Bedessie's confession to cops.These actions shock the conscience. A teary-eyed mom recounted to a Queens jury how horrified shewas when her 4 year old son described the unimaginable sexual abuse at the hands of Bedessie. Iwas in a panic! the mother screeched at the opening of the trial. In February 2006 after the boycomplained of rectal itch, his mom asked whether anyone had touched his private areas. Miss Anitawent up and down on his pee-pee, she said. He told me, 'Don't tell nobody. Teacher told me,Don't tell nobody. She said she immediately took her son to Jamaica Hospital's emergency room andbegan a criminal investigation.

Bedessie was sentenced on July 31, 2007, to 20 years in prison for raping and sexually abusingthe boy.

(New York)