James Errant, a 67-year-old Hinsdale man, recanted his earlier claims of innocence and pleaded guilty to felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse.  He hugged a family member goodbye after a court hearing and then a sheriff's deputy escorted him to the county jail where he will serve 150 days.  A young man told Hinsdale police he had been molested decades ago as a teen and then a police probe uncovered another nine victims who also accused the one-time minister and career counselor of sexual abuse.  As part of a plea agreement, Errant was also sentenced to 48 months of probation and must register annually with local police as a sex offender.  He must complete a sex offender program, submit blood samples for a DNA index of sex offenders and have an AIDS virus/STD test.  He was also ordered to repay his victims up to $5,000 for their counseling.   He had no prior criminal history and a long record of community involvement.