Fake doctor who got women to disrobe enters confession

Larry Statser

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) - A Weatherford man who impersonated a doctor and convinced women to take off their clothes to be examined for a fictitious medical study has agreed to plead guilty.

Anthony Benedict, 34, was scheduled for trial this week but signed a judicial confession to the charge of compelling prostitution by force, threat, coercion or fraud.

The district attorney’s recommendation for punishment is not on file, and sentencing is set for June 24 in Judge Jeff McKnight’s 30th District Court. A previous plea offer was filed in February last year but was not accepted by Benedict’s attorney at that time.

The range of punishment for the first-degree felony is five to 99 years or life.

A Texas Ranger investigated reports in 2019 of women in Clay County being asked to take part in research and training for medical students, and being paid to remove their clothing so Benedict could do an intimate exam.

One victim said she went to Benedict's home in Clay County for the intimate exam and he paid her $100. She later became suspicious and called authorities.

Another victim said Benedict set up an exam in her home in Wichita County after telling her she could make money participating in a training program for medical students and she received $50

Records do not show any previous convictions for Benedict in Texas.