A new effort to disseminate photographs of unidentified child pornographers on television and the Internet in hopes they will be recognized was announced by the FBI yesterday.  They will also post images on it Web site and possibly through other TV and print media.  The initiative is part of the FBI's Innocent Images program, based in the Baltimore FBI office, intended to combat sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

The first two such suspects handled this way were identified and arrested after their photos aired recently on Fox TV's America's Most Wanted.  Use of America's Most Wanted, the FBI officials said, brings these suspects' images into millions of homes.   

On February 21, the show profiled a suspected child pornographer known only as John Doe Jared.  He was later identified as Scott Hayden, a prisoner serving a 30 year sentence in Michigan City, Indiana, for another child-exploitation crime.  

The second suspect's photo aired Saturday.  Thomas Richard Evered surrendered a short time later in Missoula County, Montana, after his sister spotted him on the show.