Martin Fairhurst, a 26 year old registered sex offender who served four years for fondling boys, was arrested yesterday for luring four more boys from a nearby arcade to his home for sex.  During the past month, he allegedly went to an arcade at 46th Street and Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park and approached his alleged victims, ages 11 to 14, with quarters that he gave them to use on video games.  After winning their confidence he then lured them to his home on nearby 49th Street where he raped them.  Fairhurst lived with his parents and acting on an anonymous tip, cops arrested him.  He was convicted in 1996 in two cases involving exposing himself to young boys and fondling one of them.  He served four years and was released on parole March 17, 2000, and registered as a level 3 sex offender, the highest category.  He was ordered to attend a sex-offender counseling program but was sent back to prison on June 21, 2000, when he failed to show up for the mandatory sessions.  He was released May 18, 2001, without conditions, but remains on the registered sex offender list.