A 16 year old schoolgirl was grabbed by two monsters off a Williamburg street in broad daylight, forced her into their car at gunpoint and drove to an abandoned building where they both raped her.  They left the dazed girl bound and gagged with duct tape, but she managed to free herself and climb a fence to get help.  The attacked occurred February 10 at 3:30 p.m. at Wallabout Street and Lee Avenue as the 10th grader walked along the sidewalk on her way home from school.  The two men in a car, both wearing masks, pulled alongside her and one pointed a gun out the window, screaming, Get the f--- in the car.  When she didn't immediately respond, the gunman jumped out and grabbed her.  He forced her into the car, held her down, tied her hands and covered her eyes with duct tape, then drove for several minutes.  They parked at the building, dragged her inside and raped her.

(New York)