July 27, 2019
Sara Dorn
New York Post

The 22-year-old Florida twins allegedly enslaved by their doomsday-prepper parents were forced to have sex with their adoptive dad or starve, among a slew of horrific abuses reportedly detailed in new interviews with investigators.

“God has the perfect timing for us, so we snuck down the stairs but they were squeaky,” one twin told police about their July 1 escape, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. “We made it downstairs and made our way out of there. We’re free, and it feels good.”

In addition to physical and sexual abuse by their father, the women told investigators Mirko and Regina Ceska allegedly forced them to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to perform farm work and prohibited them from interacting with people outside the home.

Eleven days after their alleged escape, Wakulla County detectives reportedly arrested the Ceskas in a raid at their Florida compound — where they found an arsenal of weapons and materials to prepare for the Apocalypse.

A lawyer for the couple claims the twins fabricated the allegations and maintains the Ceskas gave the young women — who he billed as unruly foster kids — a loving home.

“These people are getting railroaded,” said attorney Don Pumphrey, the Democrat reported. “These are patently false accusations being made by the girls . . . My understanding is they’re 22 with a lot of problems.”

But investigators observed signs suggesting otherwise when they interviewed the women after their alleged escape, including bruising from an alleged metal-pipe beating on one of them and their alarmingly immature behavior.

“It is as if one is conversing with an 11- or 12-year-old when talking with them,” one detective reportedly said, adding that the women still believe in Santa Claus.

The twins claim they were abused before the Ceskas adopted them about 10 years ago, and thought their lives with their new parents would be an improvement, The Democrat reported.

“We thought when we got adopted we would be free and get away from all that,” one twin reportedly told investigators. “We got new names and all that stuff. We thought it was going to be OK.”

One of the women said the Ceskas were kind to them at first, “but then when I turned 16, my dad [Mirko] abused and raped me,” she told authorities, according to the report.

The second twin told authorities Mirko began sexually abusing her at the age of 18, sometimes in the presence of his wife, the paper said.

Regina would encourage the abuse, the women reportedly told investigators.

“She’s like ‘girls. It’s OK. He’s just trying to teach you,’” the women allegedly said of Regina.

Authorities said the Ceskas filed a missing person’s report for the women when they noticed they were gone the morning of July 1, The Democrat reported. Mirko told investigators the twins had the mindset of “14-year-old girls” and were unable to care for themselves.

Mirko, 58, was charged with battery and multiple sex-related crimes. Regina, 55, is charged with failing to report abuse and neglect. Both were released pending trial.


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