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Dalina Nicholas, a 39 year old Florida mother, is accused of prostituting her 6 year olddaughter to support herself and her drug habit.  She was arrested by Georgia police on March 1on a warrant accusing her of child neglect.  Quinn Brooks, 56 and John Hagans, 47, are behindbars in Jacksonville Beach in connection with the case, accused of paying for sexual favors withthe child.  A third man, Norman Thompson, 51, is being sought by police.  A homeless mantold police that he knew of a young girl, later identified as Nicholas' daughter, who was beingsexually abused by several men and that it has been ongoing for about two years.  He said hewitnessed Nicholas use drugs and he was present once when Nicholas allegedly accepted $20 from aman and told her daughter to get naked and lay on a living room mattress so the man could have oralsex with her.  The homeless man said the girl confided in him and asked him to help her makeit stop.    Brooks and Hagans are charged with capital sexual battery and are beingheld without bond.  Anyone with information on Norman Thompson's whereabouts is asked to callCrime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.
(Columbus, Georgia)