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December 4, 2018

CBS New York

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island town supervisor has been accused of sexual assault.

A former staffer for Huntington supervisor Chad Lupinacci alleges he endured years of sexual harassment before it turned into physical abuse later on.  Brian Finnegan claims the former state assemblyman harassed and taunted him, but one year ago, things escalated.  The former staffer said he had agreed to share a hotel room – with two beds – with Lupinacci due to budget constraints. He awoke in the middle of the night after Lupancci allegedly got into his bed.


“This predator was able to take advantage of me and perform forcible, non-consensual, unwanted sexual acts on me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping,” Finnegan claims.  Finnegan added he called his family and lawyer immediately. He then fled the hotel room and took an Amtrak home.  He also resigned his post however; Finnegan did not go to the police and did not file a complaint until now – 11 months later.  Finnegan claims he held back reporting the incident was because of humiliation and embarrassment. His civil lawsuit demands an apology from Lupinacci, acknowledgement of the incident, and a pledge to get help.


“Today I break my silence I can no longer sit quiet as I fear this could happen to another individual,” the former state employee said.  CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan asked Lupinacci for his side of the story, but the town supervisor fled the dais.

“I’d be surprised if these allegations are true, but we obviously have to take what’s being said at face value,” Huntington town councilman Mark Cuthbertson said.  In a statement, Lupinacci denied the incident occurred and called it an attempt at an unwarranted financial payday. He added he has no plans to resign from Huntington town hall.