Jason Graff did not appear to look at the screen even once as images and videos from his computer were played for the jury Tuesday during the first day of testimony in the child pornography case against him.  The 17 computer-generated videos and at least two dozen still images were presented as evidence taken from a computer in the master bedroom of Graff's house on August 11, 2006.  About half the images depict sexual acts with pre-school age girls.  Graff is charged with possession of five and dissemination of two of the images and videos. An Ohio police officer working an undercover Internet operation told Murphysboro Deputy Chief Tim Legere that a person using a screen name, luv2tchemyng (meaning love to teach them young), had sent sexually explicit images of a girl apparently in her pre-teens or young teen years to the officer's undercover persona - that of a 14 year old girl.

(Murphysboro, Ohio)