FREED PEDOPHILE STRIKES AGAIN, COPS SAY (Allegedly Targeted Young Girls in Vermont Stores)

Sean Guillette, a 34 year old convicted sex offender on probation for molesting young girls, was arrested Thursday after admitting to police he fondled the breasts of a 10 year old girl in a Barnes and Nobel store elevator.  He is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with someone under 16 and is being held without bail at Chittenden Community Correctional Center.  According to, he has also admitted to touching the breasts of two other girls at two different stores and attempting to fondle two others last month, but so far none of those victims have filed complaints.  A woman did call police after seeing Guillette's mug shot on a local TV news program this week, to say that the suspect matched the description of the man who assaulted her young daughter at a shopping mall last summer.  Detective Bill Lord told APB News, If there's a positive ID, then there will be another charge of lewd and lascivious conduct.  Guillette, a truck driver for PepsiCo Inc. was serving an eight-year probation term he received in 1991 for molesting two children, at the time of his arrest.  If he is convicted, he could serve a minimum of three years in jail because of his prior convictions and numerous probation violations.  Lord said, He said he's even fantasizing about his 11 year old daughter, we're going to start tightening the bolts.

(Burlington, Vermont)