Bruce Jacques, a 57 year old defrocked priest, pulled the wool over a tony Manhattan school's eyes, disguising past allegations of sexual abuse, and now faces a fresh set of charges from a 13 year old student.  Jacques, who left a Connecticut parish in the mid-'90s after allegedly offering oral sex to a boy as a confirmation gift, told officials at the Robert Louis Stevenson on the upper West Side he was still a practicing priest and even went so far as to take days off to be the clergyman at various churches.  

Jacques' more recent troubles began last fall, when he allegedly seduced a 16 year old victim in a school bathroom, then invited the boy to Central Park later in the day for more of the same.  Jacques brought the boy to the Rambles and performed oral sex on him.

Jacques has been captured in Canada and brought back to face sodomy charges for allegedly seducing the 16 year old.

(New York)