Chancellor Drayton , a 44 year old man who was recently cleared in a seemingly open and shut robbery case, is now facing 25 years in prison for allegedly raping and impregnating the 9 year old daughter of his girlfriend.  Chancellor, who is married, was charged with raping the child after his girlfriend's mother found letters the child had written to her Daddy, as she called him.  In the notes, the girl writes about how much she loves him and enjoys having sex with him and how good it made her feel.

Drayton pleaded guilty February 3 to getting the girl pregnant. He faced 25 years in prison but pleaded guilty to sexual conduct against a child in exchange for a sentence of 20 years.  The girl's family signed off on the deal.  The girl was brought to Long Island college Hospital in October 2002, shortly after the grandmother found the letter, where tests showed she was four months pregnant and an abortion was performed.  Investigators said he had been having sex with the girl since December 2001, when she was 8.

(New York)