Here are some recent sex attacks in the city's schools and how they were handled by authorities:

- IS 126 in Long Island City, Queens: A 13 year old girl was sexually abused in a hallway on Friday.  Cops arrested a 12 year old boy yesterday.

- CS 66 in The Bronx: Two teenage boys allegedly groped two girls last month.  Schools Chancellor Harold Levy fired and assistant principal and disciplined two others for failing to report the attack.

- PS 78 in The Bronx: Second grade teacher Milton McFarlane, who says he has the AIDS virus, was charged with sodomizing one boy and abusing others last month.  School authorities in 1998 failed to notify police of a prior sexual-misconduct allegation against him, and he was put back into the classroom after an internal Board of Education probe cleared him of wrongdoing.

- Adai Stevenson HS: In January, investigators caught teacher Irvin Goldberg on videotape admitting to having sex with a male teenage student two decades ago.  They set up a sting where his victim confronted him.  Other staffers knew of the sex abuse, but looked the other way, teachers said.

(New York)