December 12, 2019

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Hamilton County Deputy has been indicted on charges of rape, sexual battery, and stalking.
Deputy Daniel Wilkey was one of the deputies shown in a dashcam video of a traffic stop in July. The man in the video says he was handcuffed, beaten and stripped. The Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office launched an excessive force investigation. A civil suit was filed.
Deputy Wilkey was at the center of other lawsuits, including being accused of baptizing a woman in Soddy Lake when a drug search turned up nothing.
Another lawsuit claims Wilkey inappropriately touched a 14-year-old girl after he pulled over a group of minors back in April.
Now he faces 44 criminal charges, including rape, sexual battery and stalking.
Lawyers who represent the citizens bringing cases against Wilkey say their clients are pleased.
“They believe that now their voices have been heard by the state of Tennessee and the authorities that are charged with their protection. They are hoping to at least be vindicated by not only in criminal court, with Mr. Wilkey’s conviction, but eventually some monetary recompense or compensation once we are done with the civil litigation,” Flores said
Lawyers say cases like this don’t come up often.
“You usually see this kind of slew of stuff with RICO or organized criminal activity by corrupt police officers, drug dealing, taking bribes, things like that over a period of time. This involves multiple officers, overall in the civil, and here it involves several victims, the same kind of pattern, from what I can tell from the indictments,” Flores said.
Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said in a statement, Deputy Wilkey is covered under civil service which requires his agency to follow a specific process as to how his employment status is addressed.
The sheriff says his department is cooperating with the district attorney’s office and providing any evidence for their investigation.
Wilkey is expected to be in Hamilton County Criminal Court on December 20.


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