Five New Jersey high school soccer players from Colonia High School in Woodbridge, have been busted over a locker-room attack on two 16 year old teammates that authorities said included molestation.  The students were charged in the November 4 attack and are in custody.  They are expected to appear before a Family Court judge as early as today.  Four students are 17 and considered juveniles.  Only one of them, star player Shahryar Shroff, 18, has been identified.  Shroff and another of those boys were charged with criminal restraint and assault, while the other three were charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact, criminal restraint, conspiracy and assault.  All five suspects allegedly attacked on the 16 year olds, holding him down and assaulting him.  Three of the 17 year olds then attacked the second victim in a similar manner.  One of them touched the first 16 year old's bare buttocks.  A charge of terroristic threats also was lodged against one boy because he allegedly later threatened one of the victims.

(New Jersey)