newsday.com/Andres Smith

John Kluge, a 25 year old Holbrook man, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for raping a 35year old Holtsville woman in her garage.  The woman wrote in a statement I was raped notonce, but so many times.  The images haunt my days, my nights, my dreams...I am not areligious person, but I looked into the depths of hell.  She suffers from insomnia andfatigue and even the rustling of leaves can momentarily terrify her.  Kluge was convicted inNovember 2011 of first degree rape, first degree criminal sexual act and first degreeburglary.  Suffolk prosecutors have said Kluge was a sexual predator who stalked numerouswomen in the area.  The early morning attack on the woman as she left for work was part of apattern for Kluge.  He came into her garage as she was walking out and punched her in the sideof her head.  He then forced her to perform sexual acts.  Although he was only tried forthis rape, authorities describe him as a sexual predator who stalked women in the Holbrookarea.  In some case, he broke into their homes and stole their underwear and photos ofthemselves, which he kept in a safe in his bedroom.  In one case, he was spotted crawlingacross a woman's living room floor before he was chased away.
(New York)