October 22, 2019
Megan Cloherty

Using the statement of a 12-year-old victim, D.C. police say they have found, with help from the community, the man who sexually assaulted her.
Rakim Davis, 30, is now charged with first-degree child sex abuse. He is said to be homeless.
According to charging documents, the victim was walking to the Congress Heights Metro on Saturday, Oct. 12, when she was approached by a limping man who she described as “dusty and dirty” with a “patchy beard.”
The girl told police that man told her “not to make a scene,” and then pulled her to the side of a nearby community center along Alabama Avenue Southeast, where he raped her and performed a lewd act in front of her, the documents said.
Investigators took the victim’s detailed statement and found surveillance video confirming the attack by a man who walked with a limp. They also pulled DNA from the scene, the documents said.
Two tipsters who saw the surveillance video of the limping man led officers to Davis, who has been known to frequent the area near the scene of the attack.
Forensics testing on DNA taken from the victim at the hospital and from the scene are not yet back, but police said the girl described her attacker for a sketch artist and picked Davis’ photo out of a lineup.

Homeless man charged in sexual assault of girl walking to Metro

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