I RAPED LUCE KID, 13 (1967 confession)

John Palcewski, a former lover of Time magazine heiress Leila Hadley Luce, says he bedded the socialite's daughter when she was just 13, at the urging of the child's mother. He says he committed statutory rape by having sex with Victoria Barlow in 1967 after Leila Luce allegedly told him, Maybe it would be better if she lost her virginity to someone like you. A $20 million suit against Leila Luce and her late husband, Time magazine scion Henry Luce III, filed by her younger daughter, Caroline Nicholson, and Nicholson's daughter, alleges sisters Nicholson, 47, and Barlow, 52, were repeatedly molested as kids by their mom. it also alleges Henry Luce III, 81, sexually abused Nicholson's daughter, now 17.

(New York)