ILLEGAL ALIENS LINKED TO GANG-RAPE WAVE (The crime epidemic no one will talk about?)

A wave of illegal-immigrant gang rapes is sweeping the U.S. while public officials and law-enforcement authorities fear drawing the link.  Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, a Ph.D. researcher of violent crimes, told WorldNetDaily, It appears as if there is a fear that if this is honestly, discussed, people will hate all illegal immigrants.  So there is silence...But in being silent about the rapes and murders, it is as if the victims never even existed.  She said, Gang rapes by illegal immigrants appear to be gang related.  Many of the cases I reviewed involved gang members.  As part of being a cohesive group, they offend together.  Inflicting brutal gang rapes brings them closer together as a group.  It is a way to demonstrate their power.  And it sends a message to anyone who dares to cross them.

Some high-profile gang rapes by illegal immigrants include:

~ Jorge Villa-Gutierrez, 25, is in prison for the gang rape of an 18 year old Douglas County, Colorado woman.  He claimed to have paid only $100 for a fake ID and Social Security number.

~ Manuel Cantu, 28, pleaded guilty in Middlesex Superior Court February 2005 in Cambridge, Mass., to six counts of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14 years old.  Cantu also went by the aliases Angel Meza and Angel M. Salvador.

~ December 2002 - In New York, several criminal aliens, who had passed in and out of Rikers and other jails without being detected by immigration officials, brutally beat and gang-raped a Queens mother of two near Shea Stadium.  Three of the five rapists were illegal Mexican aliens with multiple prior arrests for crimes including assault, weapon possession and armed robbery.

~ January 2004 - Four illegal aliens were among the five men who brutally gang-raped a New York City woman.  Victor Cruz, one of her attackers was sentenced to 21 years in prison.  Luis Garmona, Carlos Rodriguez, Armando Juvenal and Jose Hernandez pleaded guilty in December to rape and kidnapping charges in exchange for sentences of 20 to 23 years.

~ October 2004 - In Immokalee, Florida, 14 field laborers, ranging in age from 18 to 56, broke into an 18 year old woman's home, dragged her across the street and then took turns raping her.  The victim said the men choked and hit her until she became unconscious.  When she awoke, a man poured alcohol in her mouth.  The men removed her clothing and each one raped her.

~ June 28, 2006 - Texas' Waco Tribune Herald reported illegal immigrants Javier Guzman Martinez, 18, and Noel Darwin Hernandez, 22, have been charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping and one count of aggravated sexual assault of an 18 year old Tehuacana woman.  The girl has been cut with a piece of glass or other unknown object.

~ July 10 - In Sayre, Pa., the Evening Times reported Gasper Almilcar Guzman was among a group of men who were found to be in this country illegally following a routine traffic stop in Athens Township.  Guzman had been convicted of raping a 14 year old girl in Alabama in 2005.  He was deported before he could begin serving his five-year sentence.

~ July 13 - In Noblesville, Ind., Miguel Gutierrez, a 20 year old illegal alien, faces two counts of rape for taking a 14 year old into a garage and participating in a four-man gang rape on the girl.  Following the gang rape, the girl was forced into a car and raped again.

~ July 17 - In Greenville, N.C., Fernando Cruz, 41, Walter Ramires, 26, Luis Morales, 24, and Pedro Vasques, 27, were charged with first degree rape and first degree kidnapping of a woman.  The drove the woman to a field path on the edge of town and took turns raping her.

~ July 21 - Sinoe Salgado Garcia, a 28 year old Fontana, California man convicted of kidnapping and raping a 4 year old girl, was sentenced to a 30-year-to-life prison term.  The child was found hours later inside a shed, thrown over a 6 foot tall block wall.  She underwent surgery to repair damage caused by the rape and sodomy.  She also suffered three facial fractures.

~ August 3 - Two young illegal aliens living in Charlotte, N.C., were charged with gang raping an Asheville teenager at the Red Roof Inn.  They are Pablo Vasquez Osorio, 22, and Marcos Guerrero Fuentes, 23.  Both were charged with first degree rape and kidnapping of the 17 year old.