Newsday/Ann Givens

Alphonso Barnes, a 56 year old convicted rapist, will probably die behind bars after aNassau judge told him his rap sheet was so long that nothing would make me think you are safeoutside of prion for one day of the rest of your life.  He was convicted last month ofdragging a woman onto the lawn of a Long Beach home in December 2209 and raping her for more thanan hour.  He was convicted of first degree rape, first degree criminal sexual act and firstdegree sexual abuse.  DNA evidence collected at the scene led police to Barnes, who hadpreviously been convicted of criminally negligent homicide, attempted burglary and robbery. Barnes was ordered to serve two consecutive sentences of 25 years to life and one consecutivesentence of 12 years to life, the maximum time, meaning that he was sentenced to at least 62 yearsin prison.
(New York)