December 11, 2019
Trish Choate
Times Record News

A jury of seven men and five women found Jason Wayne Carlile guilty of eight child sex crimes after deliberating for 18 minutes Wednesday afternoon.

Carlile was handcuffed and led away to the Wichita County Jail at the request of Wichita County Chief Felony Prosecutor Dobie Kosub.

The punishment phase of the trial begins Thursday morning in 78th District Court. Carlile, 48, faces up to life in prison.

His conviction came after a day and a half of testimony. His sister, his daughter and his daughter’s best friend testified to sexual abuse they suffered while children.

Kosub urged jurors to believe the women during his closing argument.

“The 12 of you have sat in these chairs and listened to some of the most vile and horrific words that can come out of the mouths of three women,” Kosub said. “There’s no reason not to believe them.”

Kosub told jurors that counts one and two of the indictment in the case were for the sexual abuse Carlile dealt out to his daughter, raping her on her parents’ waterbed.

“Can you imagine, if you will, being 8 or 9 years old, lying on your back and feeling the ripples underneath your back while your father” rapes you, Kosub said.

He called Charlie a “so-called dad” and a “monster.”

Carlile was convicted of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of his daughter when she was under 14 in connection with incidents on July 1, and May 5, 2005.

In the case of his daughter’s best friend, Carlile took advantage of her vulnerability as remarked on by a psychologist who testified Wednesday that she was “the perfect victim” in Carlile’s world.

“The defendant knew that (she) had been abused before she came to him,” Kosub told jurors who were listening raptly.

The young girl had been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend and, at first, found the Carlile home a safe haven, according to testimony.

Carlile began sexually abusing the girl when she was 14, molesting her under a blanket during a family movie night, according to testimony.

Carlile had sex with her as soon as he could get her alone, taking a romantic approach to obtain his own self-gratification, according to testimony.

The girl thought she had “finally found love,” Kosub said.

Instead, she found herself having sex with Carlile in his vehicle behind a pile of dirt in Wichita Falls Cemetery, according to testimony.

Carlile absconded with her to Mexico, and, then 15, she eventually made her way to a U.S. embay and came home, the girl testified Wednesday. Before they left, Carlile showed her that he had tattooed her name on his back in big green letters.

As soon as they got to Mexico, he took her to get his name tattooed on her back, according to her testimony. She has since covered his name up with another tattoo.

When he got out of prison, they were married for a short time, she testifies. She could not recall why the marriage didn’t last.

Carlile was convicted of six counts of sexual assault of the girl when she was younger than 17 in connection with incidents on Feb. 13, 2006, Feb. 15, 2006, June 4, 2006, and June 11, 2006. More than one incident happened on some days.

Fudge dismissed one count of sexual assault of a child at Kosub’s request Wednesday.

Carlile was not charged in connection with the sexual abuse of his sister. Her testimony was allowed to show his character.

Lead defense attorney Heather Barbieri made no objection to Kosub’s request to Fudge for Carlile to be taken into custody.

She and co-counsel Dustin Nimz of Wichita Falls have remained silent for most of the trial, pursuing a no-defense in hopes of winning on appeal.


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