James Gates, 55, is accused of trying to kidnap 2 year old Myla Davis  from a popularplay site for kids.  Myla's dad, Kelly Davis, stopped the attempted kidnapping and then chasedthe suspect through the streets of Chicago. At 9:30 p.m., Myla and her 4 year old sister weresliding off Daley Plaza's Picasso sculpture when a man grabbed her by the arm, declaring her as hisdaughter and calling her Goldilocks.  He insisted the Davis, who was already positionedbetween Myla and the would be abductor, get out of the way.  Gates challenged Davis to fightand threw a punch.  Davis followed with a hockey style shoulder check and the man fled. Leaving his girlfriend to watch their children, Davis pursued the man for 30 minutes over severalblocks before finally being able to flag down the police.  Gates, with armed robbery and drugpossession on his rap sheet, faces kidnapping and battery charges. 

In another brazen child snatching attempt earlier this summer, a stalker liftedup a 10 year old girl walking in South Philadelphia, then dropped her as she fought back while thegirls 2 year old brother reportedly screamed.  The incident was captured on surveillance tapeleading suspect Carlos Figueroa-Fagot to turn himself in.
(Illinois and Pennsylvania)