Jennifer Graham breathed a sigh of relief with her daughter safely at home after being held captive for three days.  James Paul Johnson, 38, the suspected kidnapper, was being held on $1 million bail.  He has been on suicide watch since March 16th, when he checked into a Gainesville mental hospital as police closed in.  The mother, answering reporters' questions the day after her daughter, Jessica Rodriguez was released said, I just want our lives to go back to normal.  Patty Wetterling, who founded an advocacy group for kidnap victims and their families after her 11 year old son was kidnapped in 1989, said children who survive such ordeals are often overwhelmed by such attention they get when they return home.  Jessica was presented with gifts from her fourth grade class, received a new puppy and the local authorities gave her a new television set and video game system.  She had been offered a tripe to New York to meet the boy band N'Sync, but Graham turned down the offer because she couldn't leave her three other children and two jobs behind.  Jessica has begun counseling and likes to stay in her room these days, but only because she's so engrossed with her new video games.  She is doing surprisingly well, mostly because she's happy to be back home.

(Gainesville, Florida)