Jeffrey Clark, a 35 year old prison inmate described as every parent's nightmare, was sentenced yesterday to 23 years to life for sodomizing and murdering 15 year old Sean Googin.  Googin was killed after leaving his part-time dishwasher job at a Cazenovia restaurant about 11:15 p.m. on July 3, 1992.  He was headed to a local park about 10 minutes away to meet his parents for Independence Day festivities.  Clark admitted this month in Madison County Court that he sodomized and strangled the teen, whose body was found weighted down by rocks in Cazenovia Lake on July 4, 1992.  In later 1999, Clark was arrested and convicted of sodomizing a 14 year old boy in Oneida.  As required bylaw, a blood sample was obtained from Clark for the DNA databank, and it matched biological samples recovered by forensic investigators at the scene of Googin's murder.  He will begin serving his sentence after he completes his current sodomy sentence in two years.

(Wampsville, New York)